Conscious Consuming: Socks!


I have a small obsession with socks. Along with pajamas, I own more pairs of socks than I own other items of clothing. Socks are beautiful and fun and keep your feet warm. They can spice up some boring shoes and jeans. I’m also obsessed with buying things made locally to wherever I may be at the time of purchase.

This is why I would like to talk about Columbine socks/hosiery.

Columbine are a New Zealand family-owned manufacturer of socks and hosiery that have been keeping legs and feet warm for over 60 years. I buy ALL of my socks and tights from them, because they are truly the best!

Columbine are always create fun, new, and often seasonal prints. Not to mention that their products are as cheap as chips. They also provide employment for many New Zealanders, and all the money goes straight back into our economy.

Why buy your socks in China when you can buy the ones made up the road?

It’s so important to know where the products you are buying come from. It’s an easy way to be sure that you know that the people who made your clothes are being paid adequately, are working in safe and good conditions, and you’re supporting local economy. Even something as basic as socks is something easy to check to make sure that you’re buying a product that supports human rights and a strong economy.

Ka pai.


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